Calibrated Steel

Calibrated medium-carbon steel, which can be used in the natural state or subjected to heat treatment.

Cold drawn AS EN 10277
Family Designation
Euronorm DIN Steelway
Metallic Construction general purpose S235JR ST37 F1
S275JR ST44 F1
S355JR ST52 ST52
Mechanical construction C40E / C45R CK45 F114
Cementation C16R CK15 F111
Easy Mechanization 11SMn30 9SMn28 F211
11SMnPb30 9SMnPb28 F212

Other qualities on request.
Manufacturing Program
Dimensional tolerances: h10 / h11 according to EN 10278
Round 6-80 mm
Hexagonal from 6 to 60 mm
Square from 6 to 60 mm
Rectangular: Widths of 30 to 80 mm Thickness 4 to 12 mm
Lengths of 1 and 6 meters