Drawn Wire

The drawn wire is obtained by wire drawing with low carbon content (<0.12%), resulting in a perfectly calibrated and dry or oiled wire.

Low Carbon Wire

FinishingApplicationManufacturing RangePresentation
Raw, Bright (EN 10016)Manufactures wire, with final treatment chrome plating, zinc plating, nickel plating, painting and otherØ 1,90 to 15,00mmCoils 500 - 2500 kgs Rods 500 and 6000mm length
Phosphatic (Calmados aluminum, boron steels) (EN 10263.2)Production parts by stamping and cold threading, resistance to 8.8.Ø 2,00 to 12,00mmCoils 500 - 2500 kgs

Dimensional tolerances h9 / h10 according to EN 10278
Quality certificates according to EN 10204, with chemical analysis and mechanical characteristics